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Music Licensing

for Commercial Projects

Any song or sound effect from Anna's Audio Lounge can be licensed for your production, project or event. Here are some examples of instances where you would need a license:

  • Film ~ in theatres and streaming
  • Television ~ traditional and streaming
  • Music ~ Vinyl, CD, cassette and online streaming, such as Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, etc.
  • Video ~ DVD, VHS and streaming, such as YouTube & Vimeo, etc.
  • Radio ~ traditional and streaming
  • Live events, including distribution of these filmed events
  • Eating establishments ~ continuous play
  • Clubs ~ continuous play
  • Any commercial situation where money is generated

If you have a one-time event, such as a private gathering like a wedding or party, and tickets are not being sold to generate money, than no license is required. Tracks can be purchased directly from Anna's Audio Lounge at patron prices.

More Tracks

Besides Anna's Audio Lounge, there is a demo page as well. Anna has many more recordings offline and is happy to chat with you on the phone about them. If you need to hear more of any sample track, that can also be arranged with a temporary link to listen online.

When you've picked out what you'd like to use, please proceed with the steps below to complete the process:


Please call Anna Greco at (831) 335-8364 to discuss your project. If the music is a good fit, you will receive verbal permission over the phone. After we've firmed up the details, you'll receive a contract to be signed by both parties.


One license per project, renewed annually, non-refundable

  • $1 per minute of recorded music ~ $10 minimum / $250 maximum regardless of length of music or number of tracks licensed.

After licensing permission has been obtained, a contract will be sent for your signature. Please sign and date your contract and mail it along with your check to:

  • House of Greco, PO Box 693, Felton, CA 95018

Only real handwritten signatures and paper checks will be accepted.


At the end of each month, report the number of plays or copies distributed by phone at (831) 335-8364. You may leave a message with this information. An invoice will be sent to you for payment. If any monthly invoice is under $5, House of Greco will add up invoices until we reach $5. Here are the royalties outlined:

Movie Theatres

  • 50¢ per song per film per screen per theatre

Television Broadcasts

  • 25¢ per song per broadcast per channel, not number of audience views

Radio & Streaming Sources (i.e. Netflix, YouTube)

  • 3¢ per play

Eating Establishments & Clubs

  • 3¢ per play or $5 monthly, whichever is lower

Copies Sold (i.e. DVDs, CDs)

  • 10¢ per copy

Examples of monthly activity and cost:

  • 3 songs played in a film shown on 3 screens per theatre in 100 movie theatres ~ $450
  • 2 songs played in a television show streamed on Netflix 500 times ~ $25
  • A song played on a radio station 50 times ~ $1.25
  • 1000 DVDs sold ~ $100
  • YouTube video played 250 times ~ $7.50
  • Italian restaurant ~ song played 75 times ~ $2.25


Giving proper credit somewhere visible on your project is required as part of obtaining a license. Before you release the project, please contact Anna for approval on how and where the credit is placed.

Extra Assistance

Once you have a music license, you are free to implement the music how you wish. If you are in need of any assistance during this process, Anna would be happy to discuss your needs to see if she can help. Her rate for assisting is $80 per hour. The consultation is free. She is also available for composition/arranging at a rate of $120 per hour.

Et voilà! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to working with you!

Updated December 1st, 2020