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For a donation of $50 or more per song, have your favorite classical music songs recorded by an fun-loving, highly-skilled and experienced concert pianist! Check back often in 2021 - lots of classical piano, opera and art song tracks are going to appear in the catalog and be available for sale. This is where I will create the queue, so you can see what I'm working on next. If you have a favorite song you would like recorded, it's not yet in the catalog, and it falls within the scope of the styles I'll be recording, I invite you to support the development of this track. This will bump the song up to the top of the queue, you'll be the first to know about the recording when it comes out and you'll receive a the track in a format of your choice.

What's the style and theme of the Catalog?

Mostly 19th century music, but I will record music before and after that too. I'll come up with a list of composers and post that here. For a list of current tracks in catalog, you may browse and shop at the main page of Anna's Audio Lounge.

How Long Does It Take To Record A Track?

Preparation and rehearsal time is the key. That can take a half hour to several hours, to weeks or months depending on the length and difficulty of the piece. Most of the pieces I'm recording are pieces I've already played in my career. Some will need brush up, some will need complete wood-shedding. Then, sitting down to record can take a half hour or two hours, it's hard to say. There is no hard, fast rule, except to turn out an exceptional product. For my experience and skill, my rate is $100 to $150 an hour when I'm hired to do a project.

Song Ideas

In my career as a pianist, I have acquired over 3000 titles of music and have played probably 50% to 75% of it already. If you'd like to browse my sheet music library for ideas, please visit my Sheet Music Library.


Classical Piano Tracks

  • Clair de Lune by Debussy

Opera Backing Tracks

  • Mezzo-Soprano Arias - Marinating on first pieces.......

Art Song/Lieder Backing Tracks

  • Schumann German Lieder - Marinating on first pieces.......

Ready with your song choice?

Please call me at (831) 335-8364. I look forward to hearing what your favorites are! Anna

Updated January 10th, 2021