Anna in Greece

Anna Greco, of San Jose, California, has been in business since 1999, almost entirely as a musician, but also as an online retailer of bead weaving supplies. The name House of Greco was established in 2015 to support the variety of projects and products that will make up the company’s product list over time.

Anna grew up in a relatively distraction-free environment, enjoying almost complete focus on any task she was doing at any given time. She would say that quality time was a major part of her upbringing. After schooling, she tried out the rather hectic lifestyle that Americans pressure each other to do – having debt of all kinds, having a smartphone in one hand while engaging in almost any activity and allowing unlimited interruptions at any time for any reason, having possessions and lots of them, and using all one’s time taking care of these things while not actually enjoying anything or doing anything well. After reaching a point of major burnout, she decided it was time to go back to doing what was most important – living.

Anna came to conclusion that there is an important distinction between bad and good products. Bad products demand our attention constantly and keep us from our priorities, while good products come along side us and silently do the job they are intended for. When they do this, it is a wonderful thing.

Anna is so excited to share this company with you – The product line will take time to build as we listen to our customers. One has to start somewhere, so Anna is choosing products that she is familiar with and grew up around. Keep checking in to see what’s going on at House of Greco and call anytime if you have product suggestions or questions.

Company Goals:
   – Excellent customer service.
   – To inspire a lifestyle that cherishes respect, function, beauty, quality and durability.
   – To enjoy the richness of the old world while allowing hints of elegant technology to aid in the increase of function of our products.
   – To use natural materials and color palettes as much as possible.

A note from Anna –

Many influences have come from relatives, previous time periods, fantasy stories, and some of the most fascinating elements of our modern time. This website and business is dedicated to several of my family members for their contribution to my imagination and ambition.

My thanks are to –

– My mother: For developing creativity in me and supporting me in the arts. And for teaching me how to make the most awesome gingerbread in the world.
– My father: For my mechanical and mathematical mind. For taking me to church.
– My sister: For always encouraging me to write awesome electronica music and making me excited about everything ancient Egyptian.
– Grandpa Bob – For inspiring us in the first place with all of your conversations about ancient Egypt and for passing your books along to us.
– Grandma Florence – For having the most awesome museum-like houses and for passing down your love of playing beautiful arpeggiated music. And for giving me your beautiful piano, the one I learned chopsticks on.
– Grandma G.G. – For all the times at your lovely tudor house, especially at Christmas time – it was magical. And for always making your homemade applesauce and oatmeal raisin cookies.
– Grandma Mary – For keeping the pasta flowing every Saturday. And the Looney Tunes.
– Grandpa Joe – My second generation Italian cuddlebug, you always made me think of Italy in the old days, with your calm and relaxed demeanor – I miss sitting on your lap while you and grandma laughed and made faces at each other. I miss you the most.
– My son, Joseph, named after your grandpa Joe – You two would have liked each other – thank you for the smile on your face.
– To all my friends – Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.

To all my customers – Thank you for being a part of this and I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at House of Greco.

Anna Greco

Owner / Musician



Updated 09/17/2017